Ultimate Q ROM

x96XF/FD/N/DS (S9/S9+/N9)


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Q vx.x - (XX-xx-XX) -
/ Kernel
(md5 checksum: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Pie v14.0 - (23-January-20) -
ROM / Kernel
(md5 checksum: 9cfa582c8f57f91993b1f26d995ed6e6)

Q vx.x - (XX-xx-XX) - / Kernel
(md5 checksum: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Pie v3.0 -
(23-January-20) - ROM / Kernel
(md5 checksum: b121440f7ff834790ba9887c66d56566)


Odexed & Deknoxed & Zipaligned
Based on latest firmware with latest security patch
Selectable Aroma installer (debloat/Bixby key remap/emoji/font/ROOT/kernel/extras)

Disabled FRP lock, RMM, dm-verity, force-encrypt, secure_storage, signature check
Stock patched or Ultimate ELS kernel (both with init.d support)
Official status
RomControl, clean splashscreen, write media to extSD storage, BusyBox, SQLite3, Netflix fix, doze GMS, VoLTE & NFC icons switches, built-in firewall, screen recorder, AptX HD codec, Dual Messenger mod (all apps support), AppLock, Multi-User,
CSC features & build.prop tweaks, LiveMessages, ZeroMod camera, Routines, Digital wellbeing, S10 sounds & font etc
Battery bar, microSD&dualSIM bypass, USB/charger wakeup switch, removed volume & brightness warnings, fingerprint after reboot without pin, double tap to sleep, added all tiles (also reboot to recovery), hide stock battery/percentage & statusbar icons & lockscreen text, network traffic indicator (Samsung & custom), 3MinitBattery, battery temperature, clock/date color & font & position, next alarm on lockscreen, data usage view on quick panel, number of quick panel tiles, volume buttons skip tracks, 7 icons in TouchWiz dock, reduced navbar 48>40px & gestures hint 15>10px, VirtualLock buttons, 4/5 signal clusters, widget on lockscreen, native blur, head-up notifications & expand, bigger animations scale, i
mproved headphones volume (gains output 32<38), immersive mode, quick-reply on lockscreen, secured screenshots, low & critical battery level, disabling system apps, Secure Folder fix, outdoor mode etc


How to install TWRP

*.You must have enabled OEM unlock in developer options
1.Turn off phone and go to recovery menu (hold Volume+, Bixby key and Power)
2.Wipe data and cache partitions
3.Use Power off option
4.Go to download mode (for S9/S9+ hold Volume-, Bixby key and Power, for N9 only hold Volume- and Bixby key then connect cable),
you CAN'T let ROM start booting
5.Flash latest TWRP via latest Odin & latest drivers, put TWRP.tar.md5 into AP then press Start and hold your phone in hand while flashing
(for N9 use THIS TWRP)
6.When phone auto rebooting fastly press and hold Volume+, Bixby key and Power exactly while Galaxy logo pop-up to get into TWRP recovery,
you CAN'T let ROM start booting
7.Go to TWRP>Advanced wipe, select ALL PARTITIONS and swipe to wipe, then use reboot to recovery option

How to flash ROM
1.Copy ROM.zip and Firmware.zip to phone (via MTP mode or just into your SD-Card) and just flash ROM and then Firmware via TWRP>Install zip
2.After first boot, open Ultimate Control app to let him get ROOT access and go to Magisk Manager > Modules and install them from _MagiskModules folder on your internal memory (only if you are ROOT'ed)

How to update ROM
1.Copy ROM.zip to phone (via MTP mode or just into your SD-Card) and just flash it via TWRP>Install zip
2.Flash it as always just with select "Dirty flash (update)" option in Aroma instead of "Full wipe (clean install)"

3.You can update also firmware (bootloader and modem) and kernel if new ones are out, just flash Firmware.zip or Kernel.zip same as any other one
*.Don't forget to flash latest Magisk.zip after update kernel if you were ROOT'ed!

How to change CSC
1.Do backup of your EFS partition via TWRP and copy to safe place on your PC (best) or just SD!
2.Do backup of your Data partition via TWRP into your Internal memory or SD
3.Download Phone INFO ★SAM★ (app) HERE
 4.Open Phone INFO ★SAM★, press "..." on left side then go to "Other Tools..." > "CSC CHANGER (ROOT)" and confirm by press "CSC SELECTOR"
5.Select one from available CSC's and press "INSTALL" > "Sales&Network Code Change"
6.Go to TWRP, restore backup of your Data
7.Dirty flash ROM
*.For TMB users is needed some fix, check HERE

HERE is list all CSC's which are available by default in Ultimate ROM with explanation of codes

How to change CSC for SIM2 (DualSIM):
1.Do backup of your EFS partition via TWRP and copy to safe place on your PC (best) or just SD!
2.Download MiXplorer (app) HERE
3.Go to /efs/imei and open omcnw_code2.dat file
4.Change three letters to CSC which you want to set and save then reboot phone

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Changelog G96X

Changelog N960

Rebased to XXS4CSK4 (December security patch)
Updated Ultimate ELS kernel
Updated Magisk

Rebased to XXU4CSK1 (November security patch)
Added S10 OneUI 2.0 font to Aroma
Updated Ultimate ELS kernel


Rebased to XXS4CSJ1 (November security patch)
Added Ultimate ELS kernel
Added EFS backup script
Updated Magisk


Fixed issues with TWRP (stuck on splash etc)
Updated Ultimate Control app
Updated Ultimate ELS kernel
Updated screen recorder


Fixed reboot after startup
Added Ultimate ELS kernel
Added camera with ZeroMod
Updated Magisk


Initial release based on XXU3CSI3 (September security patch)