Changelog G96x

Rebased to XXSDFTL1 (January security patch)
Fixed SIM card changed error for some CSC's
Fixed Ultimate ELS kernel without ROOT
Added camera with ZeroMod
Updated Magisk

Rebased to XXUCFTK1 (November security patch)
Updated Magisk

Rebased to XXSCFTJ3 (November security patch)
Fixed stock patched kernel without ROOT
Updated Ultimate ELS kernel
Fixed battery bar

Rebased to XXSBETH2 (September security patch)
Fixed multi-windows (GoodLock)
Fixed heads-up notif switch
Fixed 5min next alarm delay
Updated Ultimate ELS kernel
Added S-Bubbles notif sound
Fixed stock patched kernel
Added camera with ZeroMod
Updated iOS14 emoji
Updated Magisk

Rebased to XXU9ETF5 (June security patch)
Added custom screen recorder (thanks Grx)
Fixed volume buttons skip tracks mod
Updated Bluetooth library patcher
Added more apps in Aroma debloat
Updated Ultimate ELS kernel
Removed Potato gradient
Updated BusyBox module
Enabled 4K in YouTube

Updated Bluetooth library patcher
Fixed and updated Bixby Routines
Added more CSC's (check website)
Added more mods (check website)
Added RC in Aroma debloat menu
Fixed Infinity wallpapers
Fixed model for N variant
Fixed front nightmode
Fixed odm mount error
Added init.d support

Initial release based on XXS9DTD7